Common Appliance Problems


Is your refrigerator not cooling, or is it freezing items that shouldn’t be frozen? Do you have water leaking, an icemaker not working, frost build up, or it is just making more noise than it used to? Is your paddle broken off for the water or ice dispenser?   Or do you just want to stay ahead of the game and have your refrigerator’s cooling system cleaned annually? We’ve seen just about anything that can go wrong, and know how to get your refrigerator operating like it should again.


Washer just not cleaning like it used to? Is the hot or cold water not flowing into your washer, clothes wetter than they should be when the spinning cycle is done? Agitator not working? Or perhaps your washer won’t turn on, the water won’t drain out, or you are getting an error code? These are just some of washer related problems we know how to take care of.


Your dryer won’t turn on, won’t heat, or is taking too long to dry? Is it making a rhythmic thumping noise, or is the door not closing properly? Perhaps a knob is broken off, or are you getting an error code in your dryer display? We solve these types of problems nearly every day.

Ranges / Wall Ovens 

Is your cooktop not heating or only getting warm? Does your oven take too long to reach the set temperature, or is unable to reach set temperature? Gas burner won’t light? Oven won’t self clean? Broken or cracked glass in the door or cooktop?   No power? These and just some of the types of problems we resolve nearly every day for our customers.


Is your dishwasher not cleaning dishes like it used to? Is the water not draining from the dishwasher basin, or worse, water leaking onto the floor? Upper rack not operating like it should, soap dispenser not opening? We can help minimize the frustration and dishpan hands, by providing timely and effective repair service.


Does your microwave turn on, but won’t heat? Your microwave has no power or the touchpad is inoperable. Turntable won’t turn? The fan doesn’t work, or has become really noisy? The lights no longer operate, or you simply want to have a new unit installed? It is amazing how much we’ve come to use this devise in our kitchen, which becomes quickly apparent when it stops working. We can get you back up and running quickly.