If you would like to order a part yourself and have it shipped to your home, consider calling Marcone Supply at 1-800-955-2373.

Marcone is the largest supplier of appliances parts in the country, and can help you identify what part number you are looking for and to arrange your purchase.  However, not all brands of parts can be purchased from any one single parts distributor, so while Marcone is the largest, they do not support all brands.  Please call Marcone at the above number to learn what brands they support.

Please also be aware of part return policies regardless of where you purchase.  In most instances once a part has been opened, it is no longer something that you can return for credit.  In other instances you may not be able to return it for credit once you have taken possession.  While at times it might seem cost effective to head down the DIY path, this can result in un-necessary parts being purchased that cannot be returned, or can result in further damage to the your product.  At Diamond we only install OEM parts that are needed, and are able to return any parts not needed so that you don’t incur this cost.


1. Please be aware that any Manufacturer Warranty, or Extended Warranty, is voided if work is performed to your product by a non authorized technician.

2. Marcone Supply and Diamond are not corporately affiliated with one other.  Diamond does not express or imply that parts purchased from Marcone or any Supplier are a OEM part, that they will resolve your issue or that they will not cause harm to you or your product.